Friday, September 19, 2014

library list

Literally, these titles are on "hold" or on their way to me from the library. 

Happy Handmade Home by Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman.  I have actually followed A Beautiful Mess blog for a few years now and have enjoyed watching it grow as it has.  I have a feeling I will recognize posts made into book form but will enjoy having it in my hands all the same.

Five Little Pumpkins should be to me in time for October.  I love this little tale and enjoy the kid's faces as I read about what the little pumpkins get into.

Happy Herbivore Holidays by Lindsay Nixon.  I actually have one of her books on my birthday list.  She has a way of making vegetarian cooking easy and very good.  Her book Happy Herbivore Abroad is my personal favorite.

Dallas Buyers Club is actually at the suggestion of Shaun.  He oddly mentioned the title of this movie and I responded by asking if he had seen it.  I knew better that he hadn't so it's coming for us to see.  I have been amazed at Matthew McConnaughey's transformation for the movie.

Hallucinations by Oliver Sacks.  Oddly enough, I saw the book in a picture, on a blog, sitting on a nightstand in a post entitled "Bedside" on Moon to Moon blog which I frequent.  I have since read a snippet about the book and have it on order from simple interest. 

Funny where my inspiration comes from.  I really liked the picture above this one too with the tea cups stretched along the nightstand.  I showed it to Shaun and he simply said "looks like somebody needs to clean up."  

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

zinnia girl

a couple of times now, on trips to what used to be our garden where my flowers still grow until a nasty frost takes them from me, Gypsy seems to find her way in to the middle of my flower bed.  she tip toes amongst the zinnias.  and by tip toes i mean she just traipses right through the middle of them and plops down.  i think she thinks she's purty.  we are still trying to find a forever home for her.  she needs the comfort of indoors mainly because her short hair and cool temperatures do not mix.  please help us in this effort.  she's too sweet.

 i think katie bug is rolling her eyes right here.  sometimes she likes having a sister around and sometimes she does not.

Friday, September 12, 2014

a haunting urge

Here I am again.  Each year, as the seasons begin to change and fall is right around the corner, my mind quickly turns to Halloween (even though I rarely do anything on Halloween.  We live too far out for trick~or~treaters and dress up parties seem a thing of the past).  But my mind wanders to things of fright as daylight grows shorter every day.  It's nothing new for me to begin reading tales of horror and digging to find my scary stuffed cat and old baby doll loose body parts to drag out.  I used to bring out collected bones and such but leave them out all year for my own freakish amusement.  I have owl pellets in jars, feathers galore, a coyote skull and bones and even a crow skull that I can't wait to see as it has been decomposing for some time now under an old plastic chicken waterer behind the shop.  I unknowingly placed the head of the crow in a spot where Shaun had dumped a bit of oil and grease so I am leery as to what I will find.  A science project in the making.  It seems ok, when cool nights and creepy full moons roll around, to feel the morbidness of it all.

The book I am currently reading, which is a compilation of scary short stories, is by H.P. Lovecraft entitled "The best of H.P. Lovecraft... Bloodcurdling Tales of Horror and Macabre".  I have finished one story and will soon finish the one named "The Dreams in the Witch-House".    Lovecraft was born in 1890 and died in 1937 in Providence, RI and actually never made fame of his writing until after his death living in poverty.  Stephen King wrote " H.P. Lovecraft has yet to be surpassed as the twentieth century's greatest practitioner of the classic horror tale."  I can say that I am enjoying the tales as my eyes dance around big words and strange scenes.  I admit I had to look up the word macabre from the title... more for how to pronounce it... and meaning the quality of having a grim and ghastly atmosphere.  Perfect for this time of year.

I also drift back through photos of crafts fairs, my favorite being Bellbuckle which falls on my birthday (October 18th) this year.  The pictures show drops of Halloween here and there with heads, oddities, potions and spells books, witches and crab apples lying about.  Ah... I cannot wait!  I think Aunt Dea should join us for the day!

Maybe it is because I am a fall seasoned baby and Libra or maybe my curiosity just begs me to give in.  Either way, fall is coming.  Deep down I wish we could skip winter and fall straight to spring and that the cold nights of winter's rest would be short and really they are I guess as the years go floating past.  I have always claimed that fall is my least favorite season because winter is right behind it. This post begs to differ.   But as fall brings the death of one year and spring brings forth anew, winter is just stuck in between.

Here's a couple of Eye Spies Widda Mine Eyes for ya. (as one of my dc kids would say)

 I spy... Homer Simpson, a camera lens, 12 dice, a blue moon, an elephant, a pair of glasses, seven pipes and a pair of google eyes.

I spy a pair of crutches, a photo, an oil lamp and a gourd, three bibles, baby shoes, a scared face and sheet music with chords.  

I spy two starfish, two geese, a pitcher, and a black cat with a tail, two thermoses, a tan suitcase, a black hat, Royal Crown Cola and a red fingernail.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014


On my way into work this morning... my driveway commute... through the thick fog I began noticing spider webs, wet with dew and lit up by the morning glow.  My little camera picked up quite a lot to my delight when I zoomed in further.  The spider's intricate world.  I imagined what their day must be like, sleeping off a good night with a full stomach (or stomachs?), spinning a new web for this evening's catch.  What's on their agenda for today?  Do they know how beautiful their homes look at dawn?

Pretty cool huh?