Friday, March 27, 2015

Lovin Right Now

I have a few favorites that I am "Lovin Right Now."  I am sure they will change soon enough as most things do.  But currently this is what I'm into.

Downton Abby season 2.  I didn't start watching Downton until the televised season was on season five.  Much like other TV shows I get hooked on.  So I rented season one from the library and borrowed the rest from my Mom.  Shaun and I began watching season 2 on Sunday night and I already have plans in my head to watch an episode each night this week if I can.  I'm hooked... just like everybody said I would be!

I am absolutely hooked on the refreshing and clean scent of doTerra lemongrass.  I like to add a couple of drops to my nice hot baths.  Among many uses, lemongrass oil is used for toning skin and soothing muscles.  Perfect for bathing!

Most of the time I read before bed.  It has to be a really good book for me to read during the day.  And a REALLY good book for me to take it to the day care to read every chance I get.  The first novel of this series, that my sister Marty introduced me to as well as loaned me the books, proved to be a very easy and fast read and kept me interested enough to finish it in three days.  I am on the second book in the series now and am quite enjoying it so far too!

This one I'm not so proud of.  I really try to eat healthy and my sudden addiction to Doritos I am borderline ashamed of.  They simply can't be good for you.  So then why are they so hard to put down?  I've even ditched my jalapeno chips for them... momentarily.  I only bought a bag for the kids at the day care to have with their sandwiches sometimes and as a treat but guess who wanted a quick snack one day and spied the nacho cheese bag?  That's right... me.  I'm pretty sure it started with a 666 Park Avenue read, sunshine and kids playing outside, and me in my lawn chair working on my farmer's tan and eating these chips.  Bad... bad girl.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

On The Menu

This week, even though it's Thursday, I thought I would share what's On The Menu at our house for supper.

Monday: Chicken Lo Mein
Picture found on                                        

I am trying a new recipe on Monday for Lo Mein from the cookbook Cook Without a Book which I am in love with!  It is actually a meatless cookbook but it is easy enough to add meat to the recipes.  I am making my Chicken Lo Mein with broccoli and baby corn.  The cookbook I rented from the library and have tried one other recipe that turned out fabulous and was easy as can be.  I must have it on my shelf soon!

Tuesday: Talapia with lemon sauce, mixed rice and 
Steamed Zucchini and Squash

Sorry folks... no picture here.  I will be making a very easy supper.  
The fish recipe is one of my own and a favorite that you can find HERE.  

The steamed veggies are so simple it's silly.  You make them by chopping up vegetables in to bite sized pieces, placing in a small casserole dish with a non-fitting lid or saran wrap with a crack left open, placing a little water in the bottom and seasonings of your choice.  Then cooking in the microwave for about three to four minutes.

The rice medley is one I've found recently and really like.  It cooks in ten to twelve minutes.

Wednesday: supper at Granny's! a.k.a. my night off!

Thursday: PW's Sour Cream Noodle Bake with Salad

Picture and recipe both from The Pioneer Woman's website from 2011.  This recipe has been a favorite of ours for quite some time and is super easy to make.  It's a lot like lasagna but then different too.  I plan on throwing a simple salad together of mixed greens, tomatoes and crunchy croutons.

Friday: Sloppy BBQ & White Bean Fritters

Another one of our favorites and a leave it then eat it kind of thing!  
Also I have another really good cookbook on loan from the library right now called Meatless, from the kitchen of Martha Stewart Living.  I found a recipe there for White Bean Fritters that I am itching to try.  Mainly because I love white beans and the crunchiness of a good fried fritter!  Maybe I will throw on some turnip greens just to make my cheeks rosy!  Geeze... I don't sound southern at all!

As for the weekend... well... it sounds like we may have some leftovers!  

It inspires me to come up with our meals ahead of time.  Even better to do so before I go to the grocery so I can make sure I have everything on hand.  Planning ahead does take the pressure off and also eliminates unnecessary money spent on last minute eating out because you can't decide or can't agree on what's for supper.   Hopefully you have an agreeable eater like I do!

For meal planning ideas from Peppysis  Click Here

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

tiny seedlings

As you can probably guess, since I love to garden and it is spring, I have begun sprouting seeds indoors getting ready for summer.  My first planting was on March 17th and I began to see sprouts from some seeds on Thursday the 19th... yay!  Sometimes I feel like I pot seeds with my shoulders down having done my part and leaving it to nature now, wondering if any of them will come up.  I always feel such a relief to see little curls appear from the soil.

Shaun and I are doing a repeat of last year and not planting our big garden until the first week of June when the ground is good and hot and seeds sprout up overnight it seemed.  Plus there was less tilling to do because the plants grew so fast.  Needless to say, I have not started any seeds that will go in our garden yet because the first week of June is much more than six weeks away and plants would be too leggy and hard to take care of.  And I am practicing patience.  So, the seeds that I have already begun are for flowers and herbs that will live through the summer in pots and such.  I did actually start some tomato seeds on Monday for Mom, Mary Evelyn and my friend Melia who all want them to grow in pots.

When planting seeds it can be very hard to keep up with what's what until there are leaves to identify.  Some of the seedlings I know from their first leaves but most have to be their second set or real leaves before I can tell good.  In the past I have labeled pots and made little markers to go on tooth picks to stick in the soil.  This year I gave in and simply drew a diagram of my starting tray and that will do until I start moving things around... then I will lose track of what they are!

My greenhouse is simple and portable.  I have a heater with a thermostat that cuts on and off by itself so as to keep a certain temperature for the seedlings and create a humid environment.  I also have a thermometer hanging inside the greenhouse to make sure it doesn't get too hot or too cold for them.  Later on, when plants are bigger and ready to harden off I can move the entire greenhouse outside, most of the time with the front flap zipped open.  Although I do have to seriously tie the little greenhouse down tight or a swift wind will knock it over.

So back to the seeds, so far I have planted basil, oregano, caraway, rosemary, petunia, snapdragon, dichondra, craspedia, lettuce mixes and tomatoes (for friends).  And here is my diagram in my journal.


snapdragon... so fragile looking aren't they?

I may have over done it a bit with the oregano!  Look at all those seedlings!  I haven't had much success starting oregano in the past so I over compensated.  I hate having to pluck out the weak when it comes time to separate.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Little People Land

Monday was my Mom and sister Tracy's birthdays so Sunday we celebrated with lunch, cake and presents at Mom and Dad's.  I asked Mom while we were there if she minded if I had a look through our toys that we grew up with and maybe take some of them to the day care.  I wound up coming home with a load of good stuff!  I brought the Fisher Price Little People school house, barn and village along with people, furniture, animals and vehicles.  So awesome!  I also came away with a big tub of Lego's and a set of Lincoln Logs.

Monday morning I cleaned everything when I got to work and set it all up on the kitchen table.  When the kids got there they thought Miss Laurie's new toys were terrific and I quite agreed!  I'm saving the Lego's and logs for later in the week when the weather won't be as good to be outside.

It's amazes me at the things that my mother has kept from when we were little.  I'm almost afraid that I don't know the half of what she's still got.  I did see my old Fonze sweatshirt in the attic yesterday!

As you can see, some of the stickers aren't stuck so swell anymore and have bubbled up due to storage and heat and such... not to mention they're forty years old!  I found a dealer on ebay and bought and entire new set of decals for the village!  I'm so excited about that too.  Not all of them need to be replaced right away but when they do I will have extras ready to go!
HERE's a link to the listing.

My sister Marty's initials on the school house.