Wednesday, February 3, 2016

a tiny suitcase tutorial

I guess we all knew this was bound to happen right?!?!
With all the dollhouse mayhem going on around here I knew I would eventually get around to sharing how I did something.  While I was thumbing through Pinterest looking for attic ideas I saw a couple of tutorials and watched them.  One made suitcases out of clay and the other a match box.  I liked the second one but the majority of it was way too complicated and perfect for me.  Mine would never look as good as that and frankly it doesn't need to.  I am not a perfectionist and like to take the easy route.  My motto is "If you think it's got to be perfect then you worry about a lot of shit that really doesn't matter." 
During naptime on Tuesday I happily threw my first tiny suitcase together.  Then while I was rummaging through a draw in the office I found a little jewelry box that only had twenty or so sequins in it.  It may be a little bit big for my dollhouse but I figured I could take some pictures and show you how I made the first one.  OK... so here goes the supply list.
1 iddy biddy box
Aleene's Quick Dry Tacky Glue
Scrap pieces of leather (Thanks again Barb!!!)
Black card stock
Gold craft paint
First... make your area look like you are ready to craft.  I prepared food in this same spot an hour before this!

Pull your leather or fabric up around your box to make sure it will lap over each other and cut out a good rectangle.  You can always trim it down if it's too big.  You can't add to.

Making sure it will fit before I glue.  I did straighten this edge out.

Apply glue to the top of your box and lay it top down into the center of your leather.  Press down for a good fit.  Let it set for ten minutes or less if you are impatient like me.

Cut straight towards each corner so you end up with four flaps to glue up.

Apply glue on each end, one at a time, and pull leather up gluing it down as you go.

Then glue the larger sides, gluing and pulling as you go.

Trim off any excess leather with scissors.  Looks like a little brief case doesn't it?  This will actually be the bottom or back so you won't see this.

The covered box... and my first suitcase.

For this one I cut strips of black cardstock for the straps with my handy dandy cutter and trimmed the end to a point.

Apply glue to one side of the cardstock and bend into place, pressing down as you go until they overlap a bit.

I cut a smaller piece of cardstock and bent it up for the handle.

I trimmed the ends on it too and glued it down.

Too fancy!  And while the glue is drying I might as well let some paint be drying too!

One tutorial said she ordered the fancier gold bits for the corners and clasp look from ebay.  I don't have that kind of patience... or care... or money to throw around... not that they would cost an arm and a leg... but you get it.

I painted circles as best I could on each corner and also gave my suitcase little button fasteners and gold "holes" going up the straps.  I also wrote down my motto as it came to me on my paint plate.

I wound up giving them a little bit of "use" look by dabbing and streaking brown paint on the green one and white paint of the brown one... lightly... on the corners and belts.

I swiped some travel "stickers" from one of the tutorials (they said it was ok), printed them out, sprayed them with a top coat spray and cut and glued them out.  Aren't they cute?!  I only picked the ones of places I'd like to go.

And here they are!  Attic ready and literally took me about twenty minutes to make.
I thought this picture was clearer than it turned out to be.  Oh well!  Maybe you will recognize them in my dollhouse when the day comes that I actually put all the things I've made into it.

Monday, February 1, 2016

around here

Well friends, it appears as though I have traded one hobby for another.  That being making miniatures for my dollhouse project for blogging.  Oh and let's not forget picture taking.  I hardly even do any of that right now... even of the project at hand.  I just get so excited about my tiny creations that I plum forget about documenting anything to share with my friends online.  Now my friends in person... no problem.  I seem to mention my dollhouse and pictures on my phone to everyone I see.  I am probably going to have to find a miniaturist support group... maybe we will make things together!  (I just got a really wild look in my eyes) 

Around here... within two Saturdays we went from twelve inches of snow to seventy degrees and no more snow.  That's Tennessee for you.  But the snow allowed me to cover a front wall with skinny sticks in the living room of my dollhouse and also start on the hardwood floor in the kitchen.  And also wallpaper the house.  All the while I was watching movies from the library.  One in particular I have watched at least five times since.  I still haven't taken it back! This past weekend was productive in a different sort of way.  I had to pay attention to the big house... the one we live in that needed floors cleaned from all the snow and mud and laundry caught up. 

I've also picked up a new favorite food... homemade pimento cheese.  My friend Rhonda made some when we were all sharing a four wheeling cabin over the Christmas holidays.  I have never liked pimento cheese to my knowledge but tried it anyway because everyone was chowing down on it.  I loved it!  It is so easy to make and an easy go to for lunch or a snack.  I have made it twice now.  The first time it was too runny and the second time too thick.  The third time will be a charm!  I am going to take some four wheeling with us this weekend.  Shaun is even hooked on the stuff.  It is simply shredded cheddar, mayo, a jar of pimentos, a dash of sugar and a dash or more of cayenne pepper.  Sooooo good!

We also invented a new snack at the day care.  A saltine cracker spread with peanut butter with a slice of banana on top.  Add a spec of sprinkles and you have happy smiling kids!  They aren't bad at all.

It may not look like much to some but you can't even see where the driveway is!

I finished the whole front wall but apparently didn't take a picture.

 Little books I actually just made this morning.
The Oasis doesn't look near as inviting during the winter but I love this picture.

Here are two dollhouse pictures of stuff I made but only got a picture on my flip phone.
My little cactuses and aloe vera.. and little Katie Bug photo bombing.

And this chair was actually a lot of fun to make although I was terrified to do it until I got started on it.  Sometimes I get a point where directions are too much info for me so I go my own route and it works out.  It is all sewn together, sides, bottom and back.  Who has time to wait for glue to dry when I can whip stitch?!?!  I already have the wood cut out to make another one.  Oh and you can see the floor in this pic too.  I am having so much fun with this.  I haven't a clue what the outside will look like yet.  I am taking it one step at a time and doing it however I want.  Oh I also made the tiniest little lamp (nonworking) out of beads.  Shaun was pretty impressed.  

Saturday, January 23, 2016

A Saturday Funny

I came across this book the other day while looking up books for miniatures. 
While the author is serious as a heart attack I think it is hilarious. 
I reckon it's something to do with all the cat hair instead of sucking it up in the vacuum!
But wait... when I looked up the book cover to show you... it also showed some of the projects.  I've never understood how to felt but this book shows you how to do it with cat hair for sure.
If there is a fuzzy cat on my Christmas cards next year you will know where it came from!
HERE is a link to more pictures.  Wow... the things these creative people come up with are amazing!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


I don't know where or why I made that word up... lettucesubatus.  It just goes together in my mind somehow... twisted I know.  I felt the need, and mainly since I have the covering over the back porch now at the DC, to begin lettuce seeds.  Some of them do great in the colder climates and don't go to seed as fast.  Especially if you can keep the frost off of them.  So I started what lettuce seeds I had hanging around the day care last week in little paper Dixie cups and a plastic zip up thing to make a little greenhouse.  This was towards the end of the week and by Monday I had completely leggy sprouts.  Not enough so that I felt I needed to start over.  I am excited for the new growth though.  I planted Red Romaine, Spinach and some purple lettuce that I saved the seeds from that I can't remember the name of.  It will be several weeks before they go outside.  Even them though if we have a bitterly cold night I can bring them inside.  Kind of a perfect little plant world... someone looking out for them.

One of my kids at the DC gave me this for Christmas.

I also started some wheat grass for Tommy.  It sprouted in just a day or so.  I took the seeds last year from my father-in-law's field by our drive way.