Wednesday, December 17, 2014

twelve easy diy's

Need some homemade gift ideas?  I have grabbed twelve simple ideas for you from previous posts of mine that you could almost make with things lying around your house and give as simple gifts to friends or family.  If you don't already have the stuff I bet you could make a quick trip to the grocery and be done with it.  

Monday, December 15, 2014

dc stocking stuffers

Every year, instead of trying to pick out something for each child at my day care, I make little stockings for them and fill them with fun (and cheap) small toys.  Seriously, it is easier, more cost effective and they will really be getting more than they could handle from Santa at home.  This is just a little something from Miss Laurie for them to take home.  I sew together little felt stockings for each child and they get to decorate their stockings and we all hang them up in the playroom.  at our Christmas party they get to take the filled stockings home with them.  Since I shared with you last year what was hiding in their stockings I decided to share again this year.  

How much fun is that?!?!  Looks like a finale to a Christmas party if you ask me!

Friday, December 12, 2014

gingerbread houses 2014

As a follow up post to my Gingerbread House Plans for this year... here are the results.
I don't have pictures of everyone's houses but I am including a video of a few that I am not real sure how my camera or me did it.  But it is kinda of funny and you get to hear me sing a tid bit of a Beatles song.  How embarrassing is that?  Hey.. if you can't laugh at yourself... who can you laugh at?

And this one is mine.  Looks like my log cabin plan turned out OK huh?

My secret weapon of a using a sifter and powdered sugar to top it all off was a hit!
This video sounds a bit like Santa's workshop.  I hear Shaun talking about me, saying my name in the background a couple of times :)

And HERE is my post about the plans for this year's house.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Currently... I am fascinated by fine glitter and modge podge.  Mixing the fineness in with a glob of m.p. and brushing it on any surface brings a glow to my face.  It is simply breathtaking. 

I am anxiously awaiting items ordered online.  I have very few people to buy gifts for and normally prefer to shop online.  However, when Christmas is now two weeks away and I call to check on an order only to be told that they won't receive the merchandise until this week "then" it will be shipped to me, I begin to rethink ordering anything online.  Ugh... Christmas shopping.  I am beginning to loathe it.

I feel I have currently almost kicked a nasty cold by not using antibiotics for once.  It had appeared to take up shop in my lungs after a few days of travelling there.  I have taken over the counter items and several immune boosters, including DoTerra On Guard beadlets.  The key on that is staying on top of it and not letting it get me down.  Rest every chance I get and eating right too.

I have chosen to not put up a Christmas tree or drag out all of my favorite decorations that are normally scattered throughout the house.  In a way it is making me feel like a rebel, which I like, rebelling against the entire over-doing-it world.  Instead I have chosen to simply illuminate areas of our home and may just leave the tiny white lights up all winter.  They make me smile without the ho ho ho.  On the other hand, not going all Christmas-y has led me to not know what to blog about since every other blog that you look at right now is lathered with holiday cheer.  I'm choosing to let them handle it.  Plus we have a four wheeling vacation coming up that I have a mental count down for.

I am currently loving the book by Gillian McKeith called Food Bible.  How to use food to cure what ails you.  It's super.  I have picked up a new morning routine of being nice to my liver by drinking a warm cup of water with lemon to cleanse my liver for the day instead of forcing coffee right away.  I have also picked up a few new eating habits for my skin.  This is definitely a book I want on my shelf that I feel I will go to time and time again.  You can seriously pick a condition or need for your body and it leads you to what to stay away from or add to your diet.  

I have decided to go ahead and dig in the garden at the day care today at the prompting of one of my kids here and plant some garlic.  We discovered yesterday that I apparently missed one when I dug them up last summer and found it's shoots standing proudly.  So I grabbed a handful when I left the house this morning and have intentions of digging in the dirt/mud today with the kiddos.

I am minus two kids at the dc which brings me down a touch not to mention my pocket book.  I am currently on the look out for other income for the meantime but can't seem to motivate myself to do anything about it.  I have my etsy store and things to put in it but keep holding back.  Maybe I feel I need to learn from this.  Being self employed and having times when money is good I should learn to save up for times like this.  I feel Shaun is silently nodding in agree-ance (I guess that's not a word). He is also self employed and follows this rule very well.  But he's been at it a lot longer than I.  If I had saved forharder times I wouldn't be panicking with the lack of children right now.  Lesson learned... manage money better when hopefully the next kids show up and put back for down times.  

I am currently not very good with my camera.  My pictures are turning out blurry or have very poor lighting or I am not seeing any subject matter.  So I wind up not taking it with me and ignoring it.  I have managed to take a few... very few... pictures lately.

On Guard Products

Monday, December 8, 2014


i've not forgot.... i just haven't had that much to say... but I am still doing this....

I am a library lover.  I belong to a library that I have to pay to be in because I live outside the county.  It's ok because I use the absolute fire out of it and I guarantee you that they spend more on fuel delivering my uncanny requests for books and movies that I could never gripe about the yearly charge to me.  Yes there is a library in my own county and I have been a member.  But my card is expired and they don't have near the selection and I find myself back again and again.  Currently I have ten items checked out and eleven on hold, none of which are actually ready to be picked up yet but will be by the time my yoga class rolls around on Saturday that is happily located on the block in front of the library (insert my greedy smile), and the total count of twenty one is very low for me.  Oh... I forgot about the winter curriculum kit that has twenty five children's books and five dvds about winter that I have at the day care.  

And here is a quick word about my presently awaited items.

Physik  continuing my reading in the series.  I am really enjoying these as I have gotten to know the characters and enjoy the story line and even feel I know my way around their world.

The Pigeon Needs a Bath  kid book for the dc and because it looks funny.  Also interested to see if I have a new author of children's books to add to my favorites.

The Kinfolk Table because I am into easy and laid back entertaining.  Not the I "entertain" often but when I do it is quaint and I can't wait to look at the recipes.

The Selby is in your place... I like to look in people's homes... mostly online... and this is even of some famous people's homes.  Who doesn't want to see that.  Ideas can be found anywhere.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus I told Shaun last night after having him watch another on of my odd movies (odd to him meaning it's not old west... of sorts) that I like to get different movies to keep our minds fresh.  Especially after the one we watched last night which I adored!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

holiday child care

Because it's the Holidays...
Because I know you've got things to do...
Company parties to attend...
Sunday school gatherings...
Christmas shopping to wrap up...
and because I love ya...

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