Tuesday, October 6, 2015

around here

There are days at this little day care of mine that I'm tired.  There are days when it feels like just another job.  There are days when I feel like all I do is bitch at kids all day.  There are days when I literally wash dishes more than twelve times.  There are days when it's hard and days when I'm frustrated.  There are days when no one listens or minds.  And then there are days like today. 

I felt thankful to be here the minute I got here unloading groceries at six o'clock this morning because I didn't stop on Saturday to unload when I was headed home.  The minute I heard one of my kindergarteners' voices coming around the corner, here because it's fall break at school, my heart felt warm.  I love that I cook Shaun's breakfast here and he stops to pick it up every day on the way out.  This is a functioning place and I make it happen.  I love that I looked out the window and realized how warm it was going to be and what a beautiful day it is today.  I came back into the playroom and had the kids clean up and put on their shoes without telling them what was up as the smell of yellow cupcakes filled our air for a birthday celebration this afternoon.  I sprayed everyone's lower limbs with bug spray as they headed out the door knowing we were headed for an adventure.  Our walk was to the dirt pile that looked a lot drier from the trailer but was not after a few days of rain.  We passed it up and headed over to Sleepin' Bear looking for treasures and lizards. 

I got real crafty with a couple of feathers I found (see Thursday's post) while the kids played right outside the door within my ear's reach.  I made lunch of chicken nuggets, homemade mac n cheese and corn off the cob.  We started watching a Curious George Halloween "Boofest" movie that I picked up over the weekend at the library.  We will finish it at naptime tomorrow.  We played "musical chores" which is pretty much chores with music after lunch where one swept, one wiped the table, one got the nap mats out and one lagged behind slow poking on eating lunch.  It's naptime now and we have a gorgeous afternoon for a party that will include music, sunshine and cake.  Wow... what a job.

I feel like a mother to these kids sometimes and it gives me a little glimpse of what motherhood must be like even though I have learned to accept our childless life style.  This is a good day even though my back aches and the skin on my fingers cracks from washing dishes.  I have no boss telling me I can't do something or that I have certain goals to meet.  I love it... most days :)

It's Monday!  And our make-a-face pumpkin on the fridge.

My larger than life scarecrow.

What a mug.

I realized that I don't have a 9x13 here.  I figure I can freeze some for another day.

A right instead of a left.

Wanting to see what is under the rocks.  I said "don't be surprised if it's a snake".

They both found walking sticks.

Chit chatting with me.

See how beautiful?

This was their idea.

We walked to the big pond.  I told them that there used to be an alligator that lived in this pond.  Which wasn't a lie.  It was the floating alligator head that I got Gary one year for father's day.  The boys kept saying "Oh Miss Laurie I think I saw it in the water" or the bushes by the pond.  The head sank last year.  I kept that to myself.

Some of my craftiness. 

My lunch.

Sharpening sticks using rocks and talking.

Lunch on it's way.

Black and white because now it's just a memory.

Monday, October 5, 2015

lovin right now

Are you ready?  This is a jammed lovin right now!  I just couldn't stop.  I probably could have added more.  I love sharing things that are just ticklin my fancy with you.  Yea... AND on a Monday!  So here goes...
OK let's start with the Nivea Crème.  I am hooked.  I have had some pretty rough skin issues over the last ten years and while I don't complain right now because it's not as bad currently as it has been in recent years I still deal with it daily.  I started out by buying the little purse sized (navy blue) Nivea crème at Kroger because it was one dollar and I thought I'd try it.  I put it on my spots, as I call them, when they were at their driest.  It really did seem to nourish and keep them from being painful.  So when I ran out of my other lotion I bought the Nivea Crème Soft at the Kroger two weeks ago.  My, my, my soft skin!  I'm in love with this lotion and kinda regret ordering my other kind that's not here yet.  Believe me, with my psoriasis/eczema/like skin issues, I have tried LOTS of lotions and creams.  So when I come across one that works, even for a little while, I pass it on to other possible sufferers.  Ok.. gross I know... but sometimes the skin in my eye brows freaks out and gets REALLY dry and bad flaky.  I lather this stuff on a couple of times and it clears up.  Even without using my steroid cream.  NICE!
Ah Kacey Musgraves.  My niece took me to her concert two weeks ago.  I already was a fan of KM's music but seeing her in concert was the bomb.  While there I bought two shirts (sucker!) and I bet I have worn the one pictured here ten times since then.  It fits me perfect and I love the song Die Fun by Kacey.  It reminds me of Shaun and I... pretty much being able to do what we want to (but still work and be responsible). 
Another suggestion from my niece, Lacey, upon searching for a 2016 day planner.  She is a big Lilly Pulitzer girl and buys herself this planner each year.  Since I couldn't get the one I wanted I got this one above from Amazondotcom.  I do like it a lot and know I will fill it with many plans and memories because most of the time I write more about what we did than what we're going to do.
Several Fridays ago, I phoned Shaun to tell him I was thinking of going to the grocery after work and he coaxed me into just coming home and taking it easy after a long week.  When I got there that Mister of mine had a little surprise for me!  A Yeti koozie of my vary own.  They keep the last drop of your canned beverage just as cold as your first drop!  For real!  If they last that long.
While I had too much time to kill between dentist appointments when I was having problems, I stopped in Bath and Body Works briefly and bought a few new things.  One of them was a purse sized Iced Coconut Colada body spray.  I adore the scent and carry it with me always and keep one in the bathroom at home.  I love the coconut beachy smell of it and know I will this winter when I'm down in the mouth because summer seems so far away.  I will just spray it and inhale with my eyes closed!
Last but certainly not least... we found the problem with our internet GB usage.  Yes... it was me, but it was mainly that my internet USB needed an upgrade.  So my smart husband got me one from Verizon, which is who we use for internet access and now all of our troubles have gone!  This past month I downloaded two games, got back to blogging, chatted with friends via FB, ordered a few things and for sure cruised my blogs.  I even looked up kids stuff and crafty ideas!  All that would have eaten our old GB up in a week.  Thank goodness for upgrades!  No more overage!  Who'd have thought that that's what we needed.  We were already preparing our pockets for a new computer which I now do not need!! YAY!  I love my old little laptop.
Here's the Kacey Musgraves song Die Fun.  It sounds sad at first but it's not!  Although it has made me cry... and dance.

And here's another one of hers I like.


I don't want to but I'll stop now.  Now I'm Lovin YOU Right Now for putting up with this long ass post!!! XOXO

P.S. Happy Birthday Jessica!!!

Friday, October 2, 2015


It seems nowadays and especially since I don't have my Fridays off anymore that I don't have as much time to library.  I have been skipping yoga on Saturdays it feels like every other week.  My holds have been put back on the shelf at times.  The library is closed on Sundays and during the week I just don't have the energy or interest to drive to Goodlettsville to pick up my stuff on the two days during the week that they are open past six.  But... with the new season almost upon us, seeing that October is already here, I have a totally different interest in what to order and pick up from my favorite free supply store... the library. 

This post is about a few of the items I have ordered for the kids at the day care.  I have plans for each one of these books that will include coloring and/or crafts to go with reading aloud.  I also have a few movies with some of their favorite characters.  I have already strung Halloween lights at the day care in two rooms and we've done a fall craft or two.

Here are a few titles of what our next week has in store for us... provided I don't flake out of going to the library.  I have good intentions this week of going!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

On The Menu

So.. we have a long weekend four wheeling trip coming up and I'm already in the planning stages.  Not like getting the four wheeler ready or packing clothes!  I'm thinking about food!  Last year, this trip to the big fall jamboree was just a boys trip.  This year, because I haven't been anywhere in a while and I do love to four wheel in the mountains, I decided to go.  I'm not the only chick going... I don't think.  It would be ok if I was the only girl.  I feel like I fit right in sometimes... they even call me Larry.  Not in an offensive way!  One of Shaun's buddies little girl can't say Laurie real good so she says Larry and Shaun.  Sweet thing!  Anywho... the boys trip last year didn't involve much food from what I've heard.  More of a "pork chop in a can" kind of trip.  All I can say is... not if I'm going... or at least not for me.  They can do what they want.  When we went for our Christmas vacation last year I cooked breakfast and planned suppers and such so the guys pretty much had a cook with them.  Nice huh?!?!  It's the shorter trips that the guys don't want me to worry about cooking and say "Awe.. it's no big deal".  But this girl's gotta eat!  When we've been on the shorter trips we usually get those frozen breakfast bowl things with the meat, eggs and gravy.  They're ok if that's all you've got but this time I've found a couple of recipe that I am going to make ahead of time, for quick breakfasts, that we can just heat up!  Brilliant!  And with the help of the internet I've found a few that I am going to try.  I might not even take my skillet with me.  I'm making a face.  No bacon??  Maybe I'll take it just incase.  (click on the name or picture to be directed to the recipe.)

Egg muffins look super easy and super good.  I can just see a whole Ziplock full of these cuties ready to go!  Found on hellobee
Baked French Toast Sticks | iowagirleats.com
I absolutely LOVE French toast sticks!  Back when I ate fast food, Burger King used to have some good fast French toast sticks.  All I will have to do it take along a little thing of syrup!  These will be made THIS weekend!  Found on iowagirleats.com
Refrigerator Oatmeal--6 no-cook flavors. Make ahead in individual mason jars for a quick, healthy grab-and-go breakfast. www.theyummylife.com/Refrigerator_Oatmeal
I've been a big fan of overnight refrigerator oatmeal for a while now.  It's so easy and nutritious.  I don't know that I will lug jars of it four wheeling but these are some good variations and who knows... I might!!
Ok no picture here but these sound very easy and delish.  I can't decide which to use!!
Breakfast burrito - John E. Kelly/Photodisc/Getty Images
I am a fan of make ahead burritos in lots of styles and have taken lunch burritos four wheeling with us before.  These will probably be made and packed to go with us.  Too easy and good not to.