Friday, April 24, 2015

lovin right now

A few things to share with you that I am lovin right now.

 I really like these morning and evening meditations from Louise Hay.  I have gone to sleep listening to the evening meditation for two weeks now.  I feel it has made a difference in some areas of my life so far.

 Seduction scented incense in this brand from my health food store.
photo via                                

 My hammock in The Oasis.  Find one like mine HERE.

The opening in the trees that I hope stays all summer giving me a tiny view of the field behind us.

The morning sun was shining pretty brightly on the ground back there.  In person it is a clear view.
I feel now that I must go to the field and check out the view of the house from the other side. 

 Morning shadows from my houseplants spending their summer on the porch.

 Stevia from the garden last year on my grapefruit instead of a heaping dose of sugar that I previously loved.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

making a summer quilt

So, remember this list?  My list of yearly goals for 2015.  I’ve completed several items and ever since I finished my curtains for our bedroom I have been dreaming of making a summer quilt for our bed out of the rest of the fabric that I bought from an estate sale last summer.  Something not too heavy but that would complement our summer sheets and not make me too hot on summer nights.  The fabric is old but beautiful and I am basically cutting my squares from pieces of scrap and actual pieces of old clothing projects that either didn’t fit or didn’t get finished.  I had to make the executive decision to cut down my wishes of solid squares to pieced together squares by cutting pieces half the size of my regular ones and sewing two together to make a regular size one.  I just couldn’t resist some of the gorgeous scraps that had hems and sewn seams so smaller pieces allowed me to use them.  I want my quilt to semi match the curtains in our room which has twelve inch squares.  I feel I don’t quite have the patience for teeny tiny squares and complicated patterns as summer is quickly approaching and I want the quilt to be ready.  Besides, when you make it yourself it is all about what you want right? 

Sunday morning began nicely and was a wonderful day to begin cutting pieces with a spring breeze coming through the open windows, Led Zeppelin playing on my pc and incense drifting through the air.  Not to mention my two helpers, Kate and Tommy, napping in their chosen spots in the room with me. 

As for the backing on my quilt, I had a dream of using a light top sheet and sewing the quilt top to it and possibly using the old fashioned method that my Grandmother used of tying each square in the center, which I still may do. I also wanted a bigger size than a queen, which is what size our bed is, so I can use it as a bedspread and it would have good coverage and hang down on the sides.   I wound up finding a light gray, king size flat sheet made of t-shirt type cotton to use as the backing at Goodwill for a few dollars.  It is in good shape but has a stretch to it that the top will not have.  I have decided not to worry and take it one step at a time and enjoy the process.  It doesn’t have to be perfect and I doubt it will be a fair winner but it will be my creation.  I like to think my quilt-making Granddaddy would be proud of my efforts and interest.  And all I can do is picture myself curled up in it at home or in the camper.

And my favorite song of the day while cutting...

Monday, April 20, 2015

The Oasis

Oasis: 1. An Oasis of serenity amid chaos. 2. A situation 
or place preserved from surrounding unpleasantness; a refuge. 
3. Something that provides refuge, relief, or pleasant contrast.

For my birthday last October I asked for and received a beautiful hammock.  My wish was to hang it in the little-used back corner of our covered porch.  We did hang it last fall but couldn't leave it up long enough to enjoy it it much due to the change of seasons and not wanting to leave it outside during the winter.  The weekend before Easter I asked my Mister to hang it back up for me and he did so gladly. 

I dreamed and thought of what I could do in this space around the hammock all winter long.  I knew I wanted some of my houseplants that spend the summer outside to join the corner when it was warm enough.  So when the warmth came I moved several into the space propping one on top of a metal tin for height, some on the floor and on tables and one, that vined out last summer, in a cheery yellow  macrame hanger in the corner.  I left the wicker chair and table in the corner that was already there and added a braided rug underneath.  I moved my wicker chaise lounge and table up in case I had company and also added another couple of chairs around.  The bench by the hammock is very make-shift and is one of two, that I find very useful, that were used when building our house.  They are so handy I couldn't bear to let them get rid of them even if they do have paint and drywall on them.  The one there allows me room to put my music and cold beverage right by my side.  Last weekend I took the notion to hang three strands of one hundred bulb holiday lights around the ceiling of the space.  It illuminates it perfectly.

The fringed hammock combined with my plant friends created what I now refer to as The Oasis.  I adore it's simple tranquility as I relax there listening to birds during the day and frogs at the pond at night.  Last Saturday evening it even became a hang out which I did not expect when creating the area.  Those who came said you could see the glow of the lights coming down the driveway.  I guess that let them know The Oasis was open.  But in my space there's bound to be good music and probably a little incense... you know... to keep the bugs away.

I highly recommend creating an Oasis of you own this year. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

weekend shots

can I please post now?!?!  I am having computer problems again.  I guess I have some sort of virus somewhere in the machine.  I am a laptop girl.  I don't have a smart phone or a tablet or whatever so I've been working strictly on this here gadget for several years.  I've done real well to not have crashed the thing... well maybe just the one time.  but it seems in the last few months I will have these ads popping up everywhere wasting my giga-watts (as Shaun calls them) and flashing grotesque pictures that I did not ask for.  silly things.  so I have uninstalled chrome once again and am starting over fresh... hopefully.  the last few days it had been affecting everything online for me including blogger.  ugh.  so here's a few shots for last week and the weekend.  have a wonderful rest of your week!

dc tulips

me in a bit of a fog or out of focus.

I have spotted two hummers so far.

Tater Bug got her spring hair cut... talk about sassy!

may apples in the woods.

happy about the only morel I found this year.  a couple of days after I found it.

wild iris blooming in the woods.

also the trout lilies.

not sure how I've not notices this tree and it's trees before.  it obviously grew new trees from it's branches years ago when it fell.

five leaf clover.

the dogwood trees are beautiful this year.

Katie Bug treed a groundhog on our Sunday walk.

the strangest tulips I own.