Wednesday, April 16, 2014

easter basket dreams 2014

Well y'all... I think the Easter bunny thinks I have grown up.  And that's Ok.  But if he were to leave a present on my door step... and I don't mean bunny pellets... here's what they might look like.

Aaah... where to begin.  Some of these things have been favorites of mine for simply years.  The Ethel M Lemon Satin Cremes hold the record for the longest in loves.  I first has them when I was 23 and have ordered some from time to time.. even came up with my own recipe (imagine that).  They are the ultimate in dark chocolate and lemon.  Two of my faves.

The sunglasses are a Walmart $5.00 special.  I like cheap sunglasses because if they scratch you just go get another pair!

Country Living British Edition.  I pick it up from time to time.  It fascinates me to see home trends, gardening and such from the UK although the recipes confuse me.

Another product of the UK, Cath Kidston roll of stickers.  I want these.  Can I say that again?  I... want... these.  I own this sticker book and they are almost gone.  I have used them when canning, wrapping presents, mailing things... the list goes on!  And I need more. 

And finally... stain, elastic hair ties.  I bought one and only one at the barn sale last weekend and I simply love it.  I get so tired of regular hair bands stretching out and that seems to be all I can find in my home...  stretched out ones!  Until this little baby came along.  It holds my hair in a bun or pony tail nicely without being too tight yet holding it in place.  And they say it doesn't leave pone marks on your hair.  You can find them all over Etsy.  I have satin elastic on my list to stop and buy this weekend to make my own.  I have to have more!

Happy Early Easter!  It's only this Sunday!  What are a few of your favorite things that you'd grin ever so loudly at in your Easter basket?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

cute hair bands

While shopping at a barn sale two weeks ago I purchased an elastic hair tie for $1.50 from a vendor.  I'm not one to wear pony tails much but I do put my hair up in the evening at home a bunch and it seems like all my hair bands are stretched out and it's not even because they are old.  I have trouble finding a good one.  Well I wore my new hair tie all week long. I loved the way it didn't seem to pull my hair like other bands do and decided that I needed to venture into Hobby Lobby in Goodlettsville on my Saturday runnings.  With a little help I found satin elastic in the fabric/ribbon department.  Each roll was $2.99 AND half off!  Also each roll contains twelve feet of elastic ribbon so I figured I should be well stocked with the six rolls I chose.  

When I got home I realized just how simple it was to make my own as all it involves is cutting the ribbon to the right length and tying the two ends together.  Just like tying a balloon end once you've blown it up.  Easy peasy!  I will have a huge supply of hair bands for a long time!  AND the gal I bought my first one from said that they don't leave the dent in your hair that traditional bands leave once you take your pone down.  That could be handy too!

I cut the first batch at seven inches and the second at eight inches.  I get two wraps out of each band.  At twelve feet per roll that gives me right at thirteen hair bands per roll of elastic!  Woohoo!

Monday, April 14, 2014

weekend shots

I really hope your weekend was as wonderful as mine.  I had good spirits both Friday and Saturday, really enjoyed my second yoga class, my trip to the library, mushroom hunting (with no success), and loved the sunshine and warm weather this spring has brought so far.  

I found mushrooms... just not the morels I had in mind.

Kate treed two squirrels.  She is definitely aware of her surroundings.

I was mushroom hunting on Friday and the wild iris hadn't bloomed but by Sunday they had.  I was lucky I decided to take another walk or I may have missed them by next weekend.

A four-leaf trillium must be lucky!

And last but certainly not the least... Miss Katie Bug decided to take up swimming in the pond this weekend!  She's so precious and when her front paws splash she barks.  So cute.

Friday, April 11, 2014

all about maxi

I officially own two maxi-type skirts.  Maxi skirts are long and most of the time flowy and very comfortable while hopefully slendering and flattering.  These are my picks for around the web of maxi skirts that I desire.  Especially the one from Old Navy in the center... yowza that bandana!!  I am over my clothing being tight fitting for the most part and don't like it when fabrics stick to me when it's hot outside.  At the same time, a long skirt could be too hot if it is the wrong type of fabric or doesn't flow with the go.  I am teetering on the ones from Forever21 that have a shorter lining but long, sheerer skirt.  They look like they would be comfy but I'm not sure I trust the lining length.  I have been eyeing the shop on Etsy that makes skirt number two.  Prickly Poppy Fashion.  They are actually closing their shop and reopening in May under their actual name.  Pretty cool except the black skirt isn't available right now.  They all look so comfortable and light enough to curl up on the porch with a book on a semi-70 degree-breezy day, don't you think? 

I wore one of mine to work the other day along with my Kmart favorite hat and my darling husband said I looked Amish.  Maybe because I was working in the garden and have bread rising at home.  Yea.. that's it.

one.  Forever21

two.  PricklyPoppyFashion @

three.  Old Navy (online only)

four.  also Forever21


Remember last year when I was wanting flowy summer tanks?  I still love them!

Are your feet ready for sandal weather?  Here's my Heel of Approval and 
Summer Feet suggestions.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

teaching chores

 Early last week I let one of the kids help me with the dishes after lunch time while everyone else was getting out their pillows and blankets and such.  The next day a different child wanted to help with the dishes.  It dawned on me while eating lunch the following day that maybe it was time for chores for everyone.  Plus it will kind of help work off a little bit of lunch before nap time.  So, when everyone was asleep, I got to work on a chore chart including a picture of each child and a picture of each chore.  I painted a real thick piece of cardboard, printed and cut out pictures (on card stock) and used velcro to attach the pictures to the cardboard.  That way I can move them around each day.  So far, they love it!  After we finish lunch, as they toss their napkin into the trash, they can all see what their small responsibility is.  I don't ask that the chores be done to perfection or anywhere near it, just that they each give it a try and good effort and as they see each one of us doing so they are eager to themselves.  They actually do get excited about the "Wash the Dishes" chore the most.  And I love that they can see what helping clean up feels like and that it can be fun.

Today when we were almost finished with lunch one of them asked "do we get to do our chores today?" This is probably our fourth day with the chore chart and they get up from the table and get busy like little bees.

As you can see, these aren't actually my day care kids.  Although I think Kate would enjoy dragging the mats around the house very much!

Still helping after his chore was done.

Monday, April 7, 2014

weekend shots

My sister and I visited a barn sale in Madison on Friday.  These are a few of my favorite pictures.

Easter centerpiece decor maybe?

A tulip in my yard.

I wrote this last weekend on Sunday morning when it was raining.

One of my favorite finds.

Found a few violets blooming already.  Not enough for violet jelly.

My very favorite find!  Funny when asking for be directed to any morels if they are there I didn't expect to come away with an arrowhead, that in my opinion, is shaped like a small morel.  When I looked down and saw it in my path I smiled and said "my what a sense of humor you have."

The trout lilies are blooming by Sunday

Fire Pinks soon to bloom.

Frog eggs soon to hatch.

Katie Bug swimming.

I love this picture of her barking.  Which she is very loud when swimming.

Hiking buddy and niece Kris.

Another hiking buddy, sister Tracy.