Tuesday, April 22, 2014

pretty carnations

Do you know how easy it is to make paper flowers?  Well.. maybe not all paper flowers.  But tissue paper carnations are easy to do.  If you are from around here... do you remember the really big tissue paper flowers they used to make and sell at Opryland?  Gosh I miss that place.

These flowers aren't quite as big as those.  More real to life size.  You simply need a sheet of tissue paper, pipe cleaners (cut in half if you wish), scissors, a pencil and something round that you can trace.  I used a canning band.  A simple drinking glass will work well.  So, take your sheet of tissue paper and fold it over long ways, then fold it longways again.  Keep folding evenly until you have a square small enough for your glass to fit.  Then trace your glass leaving a penciled circle on the tissue paper.  Holding the paper with one hand, cut out the circle.  Next, divide the circles into a few piles with around ten to twelve circles each.  Make two holes in the center of a stack of circles with a thumbtack or if your pipe cleaners are strong enough just stick them right through.  Feed your pipe cleaner up through one hole, bend it about an inch and feed the bent end back through your second hole.  Twist the pipe cleaner to form your stem.

To crumple the flower into pedals, take the top circle and pull it together pinching as you go and crinkling the first pedal.  Follow this method with the remaining pedals (circles) one at a time, being careful not to make folds at the same place for each circle, until all circles are semi-crunched.  Waalaa... now you have a beautiful carnation.  What you do with it is up to you.

I am sure you can make much larger ones that this for swags or to hang from the ceiling at a party.  They could seriously bring a pop of color to any room!  I had one of my moms at the day care ask me if they were real before she got up close to them.  :)

I got a little carried away and made bunches!  Oh and you should get three or maybe even four flowers from one sheet of tissue paper.  How fun!

Monday, April 21, 2014

weekend shots

It's beginning to look a lot like summer!  With green hues in the trees, summer shorts, summer drinks and summer hair cuts.  I love it.  It's my favorite time of year.  I walked in the woods this weekend but didn't take my camera.  The wild iris were beautiful and the bellwort is about to bloom.  My whole family came over for Easter.  We had a terrific lunch, a fruity tea bar and an Easter egg hunt.  All on a beautiful day!

This is what kind of picture I get when I try and take one of Shaun and I by setting the timer.  We were trying to rid his shop of starlings and one flew out when the camera snapped.

Friday, April 18, 2014

beautiful things

from terrain

oh how lovely the spring collection is from terrain!  

I truly adore the coloring book.  I have a goal to have it colored by fall.  That's a lot of late nights at the picnic table coloring!  I can't wait!

I am a terrarium kind of gal and I really like this little notepad and the floral tape for sure!

My man isn't fond of table cloths so I don't use them much in the house.  I do however use them on the picnic table on the back porch and really like this dusty rose color.  kinda of reminds me of Mary Evelyn's wedding colors.

I am all about herbal medicine and any book that can teach me more I welcome.  I like the way this one looks, especially the pictures.  You can view more on Amazon... no recipes though.  Those are for top secret book owners... like me!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

weekend plans and inspiration

How do you keep up with your weekend plans?  Do you keep a list or just make mental notes?  Do you have it all written neatly in a calendar or some ipad program? Or do you just wing it?  By Thursday of each week I normally have a good grocery list started on one page of my spiral and notes jotted down for Friday, Saturday and Sunday of things that need to be done and places I need not to forget to visit.  There are always things that need to be done, I know.  But what about the things that make you.... well... you?  What about making a list of things that will help you reconnect with you and things that you like to do, hear and watch?  There's not a thing wrong with pulling a couple of old tapes out of the attic to listen to or adding something fun to make to your weekend.  Maybe it's a magazine that you have been meaning to sit down with or a recipe for french toast that slips by unmade on an average weekend.  Plan something fun for yourself!  Even if it only lasts a few minutes, you've spent a bit of time reconnecting with who you are inside and what you like to do, right?

I actually didn't think this idea up myself.  There's a gal that writes a blog that I follow called Wadulisi Woman.  She posts weekend inspiration every Friday and I love seeing and being inspired by her.  I decided to do this for myself and come up with things that speak to me on my own.  Hers are awesome and a little different than my own.  Please check them out!  I look forward to seeing her inspiration every week and definitely have been inspired by her tastes!

I made a printable for you to help you get started.  Just right click and print or copy a paste as you wish.

By all means, please don't feel like you need to fill them all in.  Maybe you just want to squeeze in a little Bocephus or some Cinnamon Popcorn or maybe even a little lie down in the sun for ten minutes (ear plugs optional but recommended!)  Here are my plans for me this weekend.

So.... what ARE you going to do this weekend?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

easter basket dreams 2014

Well y'all... I think the Easter bunny thinks I have grown up.  And that's Ok.  But if he were to leave a present on my door step... and I don't mean bunny pellets... here's what they might look like.

Aaah... where to begin.  Some of these things have been favorites of mine for simply years.  The Ethel M Lemon Satin Cremes hold the record for the longest in loves.  I first has them when I was 23 and have ordered some from time to time.. even came up with my own recipe (imagine that).  They are the ultimate in dark chocolate and lemon.  Two of my faves.

The sunglasses are a Walmart $5.00 special.  I like cheap sunglasses because if they scratch you just go get another pair!

Country Living British Edition.  I pick it up from time to time.  It fascinates me to see home trends, gardening and such from the UK although the recipes confuse me.

Another product of the UK, Cath Kidston roll of stickers.  I want these.  Can I say that again?  I... want... these.  I own this sticker book and they are almost gone.  I have used them when canning, wrapping presents, mailing things... the list goes on!  And I need more. 

And finally... stain, elastic hair ties.  I bought one and only one at the barn sale last weekend and I simply love it.  I get so tired of regular hair bands stretching out and that seems to be all I can find in my home...  stretched out ones!  Until this little baby came along.  It holds my hair in a bun or pony tail nicely without being too tight yet holding it in place.  And they say it doesn't leave pone marks on your hair.  You can find them all over Etsy.  I have satin elastic on my list to stop and buy this weekend to make my own.  I have to have more!

Happy Early Easter!  It's only this Sunday!  What are a few of your favorite things that you'd grin ever so loudly at in your Easter basket?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

cute hair bands

While shopping at a barn sale two weeks ago I purchased an elastic hair tie for $1.50 from a vendor.  I'm not one to wear pony tails much but I do put my hair up in the evening at home a bunch and it seems like all my hair bands are stretched out and it's not even because they are old.  I have trouble finding a good one.  Well I wore my new hair tie all week long. I loved the way it didn't seem to pull my hair like other bands do and decided that I needed to venture into Hobby Lobby in Goodlettsville on my Saturday runnings.  With a little help I found satin elastic in the fabric/ribbon department.  Each roll was $2.99 AND half off!  Also each roll contains twelve feet of elastic ribbon so I figured I should be well stocked with the six rolls I chose.  

When I got home I realized just how simple it was to make my own as all it involves is cutting the ribbon to the right length and tying the two ends together.  Just like tying a balloon end once you've blown it up.  Easy peasy!  I will have a huge supply of hair bands for a long time!  AND the gal I bought my first one from said that they don't leave the dent in your hair that traditional bands leave once you take your pone down.  That could be handy too!

I cut the first batch at seven inches and the second at eight inches.  I get two wraps out of each band.  At twelve feet per roll that gives me right at thirteen hair bands per roll of elastic!  Woohoo!